The Little Birdie

by livewhatyouknow

I sit in my chair, reading my book as I do each morning.  I quiet myself and slow myself as I attempt coming into the moment fully.  It takes focus of attention, clearing of the mind, breathing in the spirit…it is my practice.  Today, I am reading about listening.  Sacred listening.  Not the listening we do with our ears, but the listening we do with our entire being.  The kind of listening I long to give to this world and to receive from this world.  I am slowly digesting this book; each sentence is like a poem, uncovering depths of spirit, being and belonging.  It is the book that Life picked out for me to read at this time.

I take a minute to breathe and sit in stillness as I glance out the window; I love the view from this spot.  A little birdie lands on the fence, perfectly positioned in the middle of the stage in my beloved backyard scene.  He is listening, with his entire being.  I see him naturally belonging to the world and being what he is.  He isn’t finishing the other birdies’ sentences or chiming in with his opinions.  He doesn’t label all that he sees around him.  He isn’t bringing up the past and worrying about the future.  He doesn’t take things personally or complain about his circumstances.  He isn’t resisting what already is and constantly wishing to change things.  He isn’t thinking about what type of bird he should be or how he will live in this world.  He listens to everything.  He doesn’t just go with the flow, he is the flow.  He knows where he should fly, when to spread his wings and when to sit still and watch.  He knows when to be with the other birdies and when to go it alone.  He is never truly alone because he isn’t out in nature, he is nature.  He is this world and the world is him.

Thank you little birdie.  As I continue my reading I am overcome with the knowing that it isn’t just about figuring out how to live, it is really about how to spend our time being.

Wishing us all the presence of mind, body and spirit to listen to everything and simply be as we reside comfortably in knowing that our being will take us where we are meant to go and have us live what we are meant to live.  Sending you love and joy today and always.