Live What You Know

Waking up is more than it seems. You KNOW more than you've ever been "taught"! You chose to be here now. Make yourTRUEself proud!

Month: May, 2021


We are Creation!
Will we Create or be controlled?

All we need is WITHIN us… we CAN
write our own story and project it onto the world.

Sending so much Love today!
Ready to receive so much Love today!

Some of us Know in our bones.
Some days it’s easier than others – knowing takes courage.

Sending Love to All!
Whatever it is you ‘Know’…

Love will Light the way.
Creation is always the Spark – of True Light.

I Love you.

Actual Honor

There is nothing to honor in the current system.
And we KNOW it.

For this next part… let’s ALL do
actual Honor and no system.

True honor for our higher-selves
that embodies the reason we are here.

In that spirit/frequency we will create a new
E v e r y t h i n g.

We will embrace what it is to truly be Alive
and together learn and share what it is to thrive.

A system that was CREATED TO BE BROKEN –
will not continue to hold our Spirit(s) down.

There is something to honor in US –
that has never been in this system.

“Adherence” to “a conventional standard of conduct”
will never do – certainly not at this point.

We’re meant to tap into something more –
something worth honoring like never before.

I Love you. I Am.
We are. One.


Life IS this lovely paradox… there is order in transformation.

We can trust in the seeming chaos and let it mutate us in the most beautiful ways. We don’t have to try to control it… we can cooperate and innovate with it – with LIFE – with CREATION. As Life and as Creation. There is no separation.

We can plug into the language and Beingness of Love and allow it to expand us in magical ways. Magic is a simple and attainable way of Life found in the frequency of Love.

Nothing is found in trying to stay the same. Let’s embrace every lovely moment of transcending one thing after another – EVERYTHING is found there.

I Love you!

Truth and Consciousness — Expanding

Truth just IS. And always has BEEN.
The feeling and EXPERIENCE of it – IS expanding.
Through US!
As US!

It’s a feeling
It is real
It’s found in us
It comes through us

It’s seen in full blown authenticity –
The kind that is embodied from Within
It’s felt in a vibration that resonates deeply –

It is the paradox of no question –
Yet, comfort found in LIVING the questions
It’s a beautiful UNKNOWN after waking from a
Pretend world trying so hard to force you to KNOW what it claims to know

It’s so expansive
It’s such an embrace
It is layered and
Quite simple at the same time

It doesn’t compete and it
Certainly won’t cancel
It just IS. Love IS.

For those of us looking, listening and feeling… there is such a deliciousness of expansion coming through us. There really are no words to properly describe it. Higher consciousness is a great pointer… but the feeling and experience within is like no words I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing or uttering. I AM Listening. I AM Loving. I AM excited for what’s to come. I AM.

I see IT coming through so many of you here!
I see you! I Love you!

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