What I Know

June 2020 Update… If I had to answer in one word, it would be:


I have left what used to feel true below… there are no words now to express what I know about what I Know and the vast amount of beautiful mysteries out there, accessed from within, once you lift the veil and drop the illusions that are all around us… everything in as illusion. We must create a better reality! I know the frequency of Love is what I seek.


We hear it said to the youngest among us, “You know better than that.” Kids do “know” but it takes a while for them to do it even when no one is watching them. We know the term “when you know better, you do better.” Lets do it! Living what we know is essential for a peaceful and meaningful life. I have already shared my favorite definition of success, but here it is again in case you skipped that part.

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”  –John Wooden

As we learn, we choose whether to simply know it or to truly live it. Live What You Know is to help all of us (including me) truly live it. The more we know the better our best can be. An incomplete list of things I think are worth knowing and living are as follows (always subject to change and growth):

  1. The moment is all there ever is
  2. You cannot attain inner peace by changing your outside circumstances, you must look within
  3. Its what you learn after you know it all that matters
  4. Whatever you resist persists
  5. Whatever you focus on expands
  6. You are not your thoughts
  7. You are made of the same stuff as the stars
  8. How you treat others is how you are treating yourself
  9. Being right is pointless and ridiculous – it requires making others wrong (see #8)
  10. You can only see in others what you have in yourself
  11. You are what you eat and whole foods are the best food for the soul and the body
  12. The Universe and/or God or whatever you choose to call it want you to be joyful
  13. The flow is the joy – it is best to get in it and not resist anything
  14. We should never take anything personally, we have no idea what the whole picture really is…best to be you and accept it all.
  15. Breath connects you back to life, one breath can change everything
  16. There are so many wonderful habits to adopt that will make life better
  17. Character matters – you can amaze yourself at how you can change yours
  18. Change is exciting
  19. Compassion is everything
  20. There is no right and wrong
  21. Judgment is like poison, it keeps us from our true nature
  22. People do change, its best to meet them fresh in the moment
  23. It is a great practice to be unfamiliar with the most familiar things in your life – see it all fresh in the moment
  24. Poetry is music for the soul
  25. The attitude of gratitude is a magical place to dwell
  26. I Am that I Am and God is real and Love is
  27. Life is but a dream

So, these are things I think I know right now. I have made great strides in many of these areas of life, doing my best to embrace the knowledge and applying it to everyday life. I have plenty of room to Live What I Know much better!!!! Lets take a close look at a few examples of the details:

The Moment:

What I have come to know:  The moment is all there ever is. The rest is all a bunch of thoughts about what was or could have been or worrying thoughts about the future and what might be. The best way to live and the only way to truly LIVE is fresh in the moment. Accessing our senses fully in the moment without chatter from our thoughts is life. When we are in the moment, we are the spirit of everything or God or whatever you want to call it. We are living. When we are bogged down with our thoughts, we have lost the moment and we are out of the flow of life.

Live What You Know Challenge:  I really do know all of this aforementioned information. However, the trick is to remember to be in it each and every moment…to LIVE it. It is a constant practice that requires making the choice again and again. I require more of practicing this “muscle” choice. I need to remember that any time you find yourself in suffering, you have stepped out of the moment. Sounds simple…but it’s the most important LWYK practice. If I can simply stay in the moment, even when my kids are freaking out, then I will have life figured out.

Inner Peace:

What I have come to know:  You cannot attain inner peace by changing your outside circumstances, you must look within. Who knew that “its not you, its me” was such a deep Truth?! In any and all circumstances, you are not happy or upset by what is happening on the outside or what life brings your way, it is how you are experiencing things on the inside. You create your world and your life…it is all your perceptions…how you choose to see things.

Live What You Know Challenge:  To live in this Truth, it takes daily habits that support peace. It takes different things for different people, but for me it takes making the choice to choose the inner peace vibration. For me this means reading, meditating, praying and choosing “doing” meditations throughout my daily activities. I want to live what I know by sticking with these practices to train my mind to stay in the peaceful zone and accept whatever comes…no matter what it is. All these tools teach living in a non-reactionary state.


Okay, that is a few examples…if I keep going, I’ll have nothing to blog about. Just kidding. So, these are the things I will be posting about and the things I will keep learning about.  I am so excited to share this with you!