June 2020 Update

New versions of myself keep appearing in my experience at this point. It’ s been a month since my last update here and I would write it completely different today… I wish you the same experience… may you meet more and more of yourself all of the “time”… expanding everything in ways you never could have imagined but seem to remember as you “go”… sending you and all the versions of me an abundance of Love!

May 2020 Update

What a year we are having so far. I suppose I’m back here to share and connect once again. I have years of work from 2013 – 2016 here from before… the work was flowing through me in beautiful ways back then… I have kept the writing accessible here, even without actively writing in this space, over the years and it has blessed me in many ways… sometimes reading my own work is a surprise and welcome reminder to me at just the perfect moment.

Now, in times like this… the posts are writing themselves in my head and even more so in my heart. I will begin sharing again… I just sent out a post for the first time in years… I do so with my most open hearted intention to do my personal best for the most good. I only share what absolutely pushes it’s way through me. I am thankful for the flow…

Sending you love! Thanks for stopping by.

August 2015 Update

Greetings! Thank you so much for visiting. I’ve been on a little break and haven’t shared anything here in about six months. I am excited to return, filled with a renewed surge of inspiration, energy and passion and utterly grateful I have this endeavor ready and waiting for me. For me, this is a sacred space. I have never posted just to post or kept to any specific timeline. I have always wanted anything that comes through to be from the deepest, truest, most soulful, still, quiet, space within and around me. When it is flowing through me, it comes quick and easy. When I’m able to touch that part of me and connect with something more than my little self, it is such a gift and my heart and soul connection are never more alive.

Writing has always been my mountain climbing or hang-gliding or any other thrill seeking adventure one might imagine. I am never more at peace or complete with joy (well, aside from the simple pleasure of being with my dear husband and children…I’m not just saying that, it’s true), then when I have let the words come through and got them out in the way they seemed intent on manifesting. Words are my companions; I love spending time with them, arranging them, even obsessing over which one says it best and more. During my little break from sharing here, I often found myself picking up various journals and/or notebooks I have lying around. I comforted myself often with the simple feel of my favorite pen in hand, just quietly letting little tidbits take shape or fill the pages. I love the written word so very much. It was hard to be away from this place of sharing; but the time just wasn’t right.

Recently I faced some challenges, a few health issues and some speed bumps along my way. I found myself lacking some of the authentic excitement for my daily path or struggling to gather my energy more often than not. If you’re interested in hearing more, I have updated the “My Story” link found at the bottom of this page. I didn’t bother boring us all with explicit details, just a general update of where I’ve been and where I find myself now. I can briefly explain it here by saying that it felt like I was treading water or trying to keep my head above water while swimming next to and/or staring at my beautiful and inviting yacht filled with every treasure one could imagine…all the things that make life amazing, just floating on-board my place in life, but simply out of my grasp or me unwilling and/or unable to climb aboard and take the wheel.

Fortunately, I could always see the treasure; I could always feel it next to me, even if my head was totally submerged in the muck I had allowed to cloud my vision. I’m ready to take the wheel. I’m back on board. My so-called yacht is roomy enough for us all. I am ready to sail along, riding the waves of joy, embracing the peace that is already mine, thriving even through the storms and I know I can use this space to invite, encourage and inspire others to flow along with me. We all have a treasure within us just waiting to steer the ship. Bon Voyage! Blessings, love and gratitude to All!

One more thing – I mention in my prior writing here a few years ago (below) that I had never embraced the social media world and shared that my blog was my first attempt or baby step toward doing so. I held back from taking that further, as far as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, etc. I am now ready to plunge in and embrace the way the world communicates now. Please wish me luck as I dive in and give all those things and more a try. I’m excited to embrace new adventures and make more connections. Fun! I’m guessing that many images I may share would simply have words on them, but who knows. It will be fun to see what happens. Thanks again for visiting! I wish you all the joy your heart can imagine.

August 2013

“When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment. This is the goal of the evolutionary process in which we are involved and the reason for our being.” –Gary Zukav

Live What You Know is about creating enough space around our choices to make them from the still quiet place that matches our soul’s intentions. When we live what we know, we leave reactionary living behind; we no longer react to one thing after another as life throws us various circumstances. Instead, we feel the stillness inside and we align our choices with our soul and we live with purpose and truth. We don’t react, we act; we don’t let life live us, we live our life. Knowing things intellectually is one thing, living what we know is entirely different. Live What You Know is all about staying in the flow of life and our individual purpose. When we live our purpose, we live in peace and joy. Lets flow!

stacy crop

My name is Stacy, I am the creator and writer here. I am married to a wonderful man and have two amazing children. I live in Southern California. About seven years ago, I had a distinct moment when I realized I was not my thoughts and there was something else inside me that was not letting me live my true potential. I became interested in the part of me that began watching my thoughts. I had always thought there was a good reason for my unhappiness, when I realized that it was all just inside me, I began to desire change in a really big way. I began seeking truth; I followed a path through various books, speakers, spiritual practices and whatever I could find that felt like truth to me; the connections and lessons that showed up have been amazing. I learned so much and I am so grateful for the path that I have been walking. I am more than seven years into my gathering of information and many attempts to truly align my choices with what I know. It is definitely a practice. I can be somewhat hard on myself and I always expect a lot from me; then I can easily slip into a funk when I fail. As someone who really wants to do her best all the time, I vacillate between making all kinds of rules for myself, to letting it be and having compassion for my setbacks. I have even had spreadsheets of daily checklists to help me stay on point with all the wonderful habits that can support what I feel I have learned. I want more at this point. I want to live it!

While studying The Course In Miracles, I learned that you truly learn what you teach and you truly heal when you heal others. This was a very important discovery for me. I have always felt very passionate about helping others live their best possible life; I have always envisioned myself doing that – knowing I would, just not knowing exactly how. My perfectionist tendencies always creep in and make me think it will have to wait until I am ready. It is kind of funny to me now that I thought I would figure it all out before I could share it with others and help them. Kind of silly to think you can “figure it all out.” Anyway, I felt my soul leap with joy and knowing when I discovered this truth. From that day on, a festering began inside me to share and teach and heal as I continue to learn and heal myself. I tried ignoring it for a while and it just got stronger and stronger.

I started hearing myself helping friends, family members and even strangers on various occasions. I would hear myself sharing or talking with people and I would know that I was learning from what was coming out of my mouth. I would hear my own voice and think, “wow, that is so good.” I would sort of tap into something that came through me and truly helped those that were willing to be helped, including myself. This feeling of really using all that I had learned to help others brought me a joy and a peace I had never felt before. I then noticed that at times when I was feeling out of sorts or a lack of peace, I would have an opportunity to help someone and share a connection with them over some type of healing and I would be left feeling utter and true peace. I had tapped the stillness and I knew that I had to find a way to tap into it more. I had reached a point where I was ready to live what I know and help others do it too.

So here I am. I have never been a social media person, I have never joined facebook or tweeted or any of that stuff. I really thought I was going to write a book and I never ever considered a blog as something I could be interested in. Well now, I am interested in it.  I am so grateful and so excited for this platform. Who knows, I may have just a handful of interested readers (like my family who have to) or I may have many. My true intention is just to have a place where I can hear myself and share myself in an effort to help others and myself grow and align our personalities with our souls. I want to have this vehicle to put that vibration at the forefront of my life. This feels so right. I can’t wait around for someone I know to have a need for help for me to feel peaceful…that would be silly. I am ready to embrace what I know and encourage me and everyone interested to live it daily. This is going to be so great! Yay! What a thrill!

I think I am just relieved to have a place to share!  I am also thrilled at the thought of connecting with people about our soul’s journey (okay – I finally used the “J” word)! Thank you so much for visiting! I am so grateful and honored to have you stop by! Sending you lots of love and joy! If you want to hear more about me, head over to  My Story.

“The realm of consciousness is much vaster than thought can grasp. When you no longer believe everything you think, you step out of thought and see clearly that the thinker is not who you are.” –Eckhart Tolle