The Sunshine Blogger Award…My First Award! Thank You, Fun Facts and Paying It Forward

by livewhatyouknow

sunshine award

I am thrilled and grateful to have won my first blogging award: The Sunshine Award!  Not knowing anything about this award, I visited my awarder’s site for more information.  Here’s what I learned…

An award is passed on by bloggers to fellow bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

It is lovely to see people supporting each other in this way.  There are some amazing bloggers out there listening to their voice inside and sharing what is meaningful to them with the world in magical ways.  I am so grateful to my fellow blogger at DIVINEWIZ for taking the time to share this award with me… her work is full of inspirational wisdom and love.  I was just expressing my gratitude for my fellow bloggers in my previous post and I received this lovely gift and show of support just after that.  My heart is truly grateful!

Rules of the award…

Each person who gets an award is asked to answer this series of questions, so that others may know a little more about us…

1. Where would you most like to travel to?  I love the idea of seeing more of the world; as the kids are getting bigger,  I love the idea of us expanding our adventures wherever life may take us.  We are listening.

2. Do you have a sweet tooth?  It’s nice to end a meal with a nice piece of vegan dark chocolate or fruit.  My family loves vegan ice cream; I partake every once in a while.  My favorite treats are the Jewel Collection from Xan Confections…yummy little vegan caramels…thank you Whole Foods!

3. What motivates you to keep you blogging?  I am passionate about working towards becoming more of my essential self.  I love the spiritual journey that life is!  I love listening to the lessons of life and doing my part to live what I grow to know.  Helping others do the same is my dream and deepest desire and intention.  I love having a space to ground me in the work while I try to spread joy and meaning to others.  I hope I can be of use to others in some way.

4. Who is your favorite comedian?  Anyone who can make you laugh with kindness and pure joy.  My kids are pretty funny.

5. What is your favorite outdoor activity?  Tennis.  We love playing as a family and I am trying to keep up with my kids  — they are pretty amazing.  We have a lot of family fun and the nature aspect of it is just the best thing in the world.  

6. Who was your favorite teacher and why?  I have been seeking and desiring growth for years and I am so thankful for the many teachers that life brings your way when you ask.  Two favorites that stand out for me are Coach John Wooden and Eckhart Tolle…I like the balance between the two for me.  I continue to learn from so many; I really could list hundreds here.  When you’re open, the teachers show up and they are all around us.  I guess my very favorite teacher is LIFE.  I am listening.

7. Do you own any pets? No pets.  We are looking forward to adopting a dog when the time is right and we can provide the best possible home.

8. Most embarrassing moment in your life? (That you are willing to share.)  I am sure there are plenty.  I look back now and things like falling up the stairs in high school (yes, you can fall up stairs…in my case I tripped on the first one and fell again and again all the way to the top in front of everyone) or saying something stupid at a dinner party just give me the giggles.  I am grateful for all the moments that shaped me, even the embarrassing ones.  It all just feels funny and silly now, no more wasted energy on being embarrassed.  It’s all good and no experience is wasted.

9. Where are you from?  California.  I have only lived in California – Northern as a child and Southern now.

10. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?  Ha! Exactly as much as was meant to be.

Paying it forward….
Part of receiving the award means I can spread the sunshine love to ten other bloggers who brighten my day with little rays of sunshine…

The ball is in your court, you awesome bloggers.  If you would like to post your award, answer the same questions I have above and pay forward your sunny ten.  That would be lovely.  Either way, thank you for bringing sunshine into my life.  The gift of reading fellow bloggers like  you and many more has been a wonderful joy in my life!  Thank you again, DIVINEWIZ, for an unexpected warmth of love!

Sending you all joy, love and sunshine!