by livewhatyouknow

The River of Life

It’s not enough to live from day to day
Keeping yourself warm, well-fed and safe
Satisfying desires, chasing after fun
Hiding from the strange and dangerous
Dazed with distractions and daydreams.

Life shouldn’t be a tepid pond
But a river flowing fast and furious
Full of struggles and adventures
That open up new depths
And awaken higher selves.

The same river that has brought you here
Through billions of years of unfolding
An ever-widening stream, from a trickle to a torrent –
Not to rest, but to keep cutting through
Until your being is ocean deep and wide.

— Steve Taylor

Wishing you the courage to make brave choices and follow the song of your soul towards the life you are meant to be living.  Whatever tune you hear your soul singing, follow it to wherever it may take you.  If you can’t hear it, get quiet and embrace the stillness and you will.  Wishing you The Flow of Life!  Pure Life!  Real Life!