“A Love For Being Human” – I’m In! And, So are You!

by livewhatyouknow


Everyone can see how they have polished the mirror
of the self, which is done with the longings
we’re given.

Not everyone wants to be king!
There are different roles and many choices
within each.

Troubles come. One person packs up
and leaves. Another stays and deepens in a love
for being human.

In battle, one runs fearing
for his life. Another, just as scared, turns
and fights more fiercely.


“A love for being human” — mustn’t we all have it somewhere within. For, we are here aren’t we? We chose it for a reason. We must have love for it somewhere. We didn’t have to. We loved the experience and we wanted to do it well. Within, we All know how to do it well. We know why, when, how, for how long, with what tools, at what moments and with what intentions. We Know when we Love.

I knew fear deeply as a child. It was my constant friend and drew most of my attention. Any strength I have now was worth the fight and did not come easily. Back then, in that other version of myself, butterflies in my backyard troubled me enough to look for hours through the screen door at the yard I longed to play in. That is not to say that I had no “real” thing to fear. I had plenty. Or, so it seemed. I fought long and hard and I conquered. My deepest gratitude lies in my original constitution of utter fear. Without it, I would not Be as I Am.

Dear Fear:

I bow to you and I thank you. Without you, I would Be nothing.

The thing you threatened with most was a life without Love. Through experiencing you deeply, I found that Love is All there is. The rest is not real. Somehow, I feel you loved me enough to keep me company while I figured Love out.

With Sincere Gratitude Always,


I used to say to my daughter (when she was feeling scared) and I still can to this day, “Do you know what Mommy is afraid of?” and she would reply, “What?”…I worked hard for the ability to respond with complete authenticity, “NOTHING!”

I no longer fear. I love and I trust.

Anything more I could say about it would mean nothing to you if you still live with fear, for you must fight and believe on your own. You can. You have everything you need within. If you live without fear and dwell in Love (the Divine kind), then you don’t need to hear what I might add. You can simply smile and feel your warm heart.

Being a woman of many many words, I might just add one thing… the “fight” I mentioned above is anything but violent. Well, it is violently torturous to thyself until we learn to fight well. Then it is more of a surrendering over time to the essence of who you really are and a letting go of all the illusions that surround you before you are able to do so.

Now I know what fear is. Now I know Love. I send you every bit I can muster.

Smile! Spread Love! Feel and follow your “longings” within. 🙂