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Let Beauty Awaken Your Soul

“When our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonders to us. There are people who see only dullness in the world and that is because their eyes have already been dulled. So much depends on how we look at things. The quality of our looking determines what we come to see.”
―John O’Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

Beauty.  What is it?  Where does it come from?  Why does it touch us so?  What happens to us when we experience it?

When we experience true beauty, everything stops.  We take it in.  We experience the stillness that it came from.  I believe that we remember where it came from and it feels like home to us.  It awakens us from our daily life for a moment and takes us somewhere else.  It moves us.  It thrills us.  It is love sent to remind us of who and what we are.

When we experience a beautiful song, a masterful dance performance, a great poem, a theatrical production, a scene in a movie, a sunset, a beautiful piece of artwork, even an amazing sports moment…anything that has true beauty, we are changed in that moment.  Beauty can wake us up to more of life, it takes us out of the ordinary and out of our thinking mind — into our senses fully and it is a gift when it does.  We stop thinking, we have no worries, we aren’t planning or distracted or bored…we are really there experiencing the beauty and relief in being taken to a more meaningful moment.  We all have experienced those precious moments when we sit in awe of something so beautiful, we feel it deep inside.  Remember it and you can feel it now.

That moment is always there for us.  We must remember that stillness and invite it to visit more often.  We can bring more beauty into out lives, we simply need to be open to seeing it.  We need to add enough space to let it in.  Beauty is all around us.  It is everywhere, not just in the so-called works of art.  There is magical beauty in the smallest of things everywhere.  Everything was created in that stillness.  The truest of beauty is in the lines on an elderly face, the wag of a dog’s tail, the way the sunlight hits the sink full of dirty dishes, laughter, smiles, eyes, the book in your hands, the sound of your child calling “Mom”, kindness in any form, the mess you made having fun…beauty is everywhere.  We don’t have to wait for the sensational, we can see it everywhere.  We can let it wake us up to more of Life.

Today, in many ways, beauty has been reduced to idealized notions of what society deems beautiful.  It is actually rather frightening to see what is happening in the name of beauty.  That is not what we are talking about here.  We are talking about true works of Life.  God is experiencing himself in so many ways and through that experiencing, comes beauty.  We can bless our lives by looking with fresh eyes that are open to the beauty that surrounds us all the time.  We can help others see the beauty too.

Let’s take the time to touch beauty in a more meaningful way today and see how it changes our experience of life.  Let’s not wait for the big obvious moments, lets find it in the imperfection that is called Life.

Have fun seeing the beauty around you today, your soul knows how…today is the perfect day to spend more time with your soul.  Your soul is pure beauty!

Below is my son’s favorite poem, Little Things by Julia A. F. Carney.  The beauty in his five-year-old writing and the sweet joy he gets in reading this poem and knowing he is one of my favorite little things is simply stunning…to me, better than any masterpiece or work of nature I could ever encounter.

Little Things

Wishing you lots of joy in the beauty found in little things today and always!

A Well Lived Day – Your Masterpiece…The Morning.

“Make Every Day Your Masterpiece.”  –John Wooden

One day is the perfect metaphor for a lifetime.  We wake up, we live the day, we return to the source to regenerate.  For our lifetime, we are born, we live our life, we return to the source.  If we can live our day well, we can live our life well.  Coach Wooden said it so simply – “Make Every Day Your Masterpiece.”  It is simple and at the same time, it is profound and life changing.  How would you spend the day if it was to be your masterpiece?  I believe it is worth figuring out and going for… we never know how many days we will have and the days we are given truly are a gift.  Our days are precious; we create and design our lives with them.  If we can figure out what our Masterpiece day would look like, then we can take the steps to live it each day.  A well lived day will be an on-going topic at Live What You Know, lets begin with the morning.  My Masterpiece Morning for a regular day would look something like this:

  • First thing – a nice cuddle with my husband – just a few special moments before we begin the day (he leaves incredibly early, so those few moments are precious)
  • Up before dawn, see the sun come up, see the birds and the rays of light (or just take in nature depending on the weather), feel connected to it, rested and ready to start my day
  • Workout –  something to get the energy flowing and body moving – build strength and health, help the soul return to a body that is ready
  • Shower and put on comfortable morning clothes
  • Meditate and pray – touch the stillness and set the intention for the day
  • Coffee and writing – create from the stillness where all true creativity comes from
  • Post a meaningful blog that touches many people and inspires a great day for others as well as myself (not every day – but when the post is there)
  • Be ready to greet the kids as they wake with joy and present energy – take in their beings as they start their day…fun cuddle time.
  • Healthy breakfast with great conversation and very present energy where the kids and I set the foundation for making it a wonderful day
  • INSERT REST OF MASTERPIECE HERE – with a morning like the above – anything is possible!

So, that would be my masterpiece morning.

The morning is the most important part of ensuring a well lived day.  First of all, we want to live our life…we don’t want life to live us.  As a recovered “night person” and someone who loves to sleep, I don’t say this easily.  It takes a lot for me to stay in the vibration that allows me to make the most important decision of the day – get up real real early and get out ahead of the day and start it your way.  As you can see, my idea of a perfect day includes a lot of things before the kids get up (or before others are requiring something from me – for you it may be work, etc.), the point is to start your day with plenty of time for yourself as you begin to design the day.  I know for sure that this is essential to a well lived day.  I have been on and off this wagon so many times, certainly enough to see that doing it is the best choice and it really does set the tone for the day!  Otherwise life can take you for a ride and you are out of the driver seat and off and running in the direction of what everyone else wants from you.

Figure out what makes the morning a masterpiece for you.  Include time to at least set your intention for the day.  Some quiet time that allows you to feel the stillness that is behind everything will change your life.  Even just meditating for a few minutes and praying to whomever you pray to (God, Universe, whatever you call it).  The stillness you touch will stay in your background, it will be there when you need it later on.  You can access it to add space around your choices and live in the vibration of your soul…with purpose and presence rather than reaction.  It will make you better at everything you do.  The prayer will remind you of your intention for the day and allow you a chance to ask to be used in the service of life…you can feel more connection to everything around you throughout the day just by taking a few minutes in the morning to ask for it.  If you’re not used to morning prayers, just a few statements to yourself will do…its the same thing (another topic for another day).

Creating these habits and a great morning practice that works perfectly for you takes time and patience and lots of tweaks.   There was a period where I really had it down and it changed my life…it created my best year ever…ah, 2010.  As the kids got older and new commitments came in for them I let new obligations get in the way of my mornings and lost the ability to make it a priority…I just couldn’t quite figure out how to get it all in.  Since that time I have been sporadic about keeping it up.  I can see the effects of that on my life.  I am ready to give myself the gift of living what I know in the mornings consistently.  Wish me success!  I wish you success too!

The first step is admitting that getting up earlier to do it is necessary and will enhance your life in countless ways.  As they say…the first step is admitting it.  Lets admit it and then have a go at doing it and making it stick.  Admit it, try it, keep doing it if you already are, try even earlier if there is more you want to do…wherever you are on the subject… Happy Early Mornings!  Be kind to yourself with setbacks!!!

PS – it should be noted that masterpiece mornings require changes at nighttime too…stay tuned for more about creating your masterpiece evening.

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