Live What You Know

Waking up is more than it seems. You KNOW more than you've ever been "taught"! You chose to be here now. Make yourTRUEself proud!



Love is always a choice. It is the only real thing that exists. It dwells in every thing just waiting to be accessed. It is easy to forget that truth and get swept up in other illusions. But once we remember, it is even easier to get back into the frequency of love…within.

Reading this old favorite – The Frequency of Love has blessed me so much this week. The Universe sent it back to me and I am so grateful. I send it out to you hoping it may bless you in some small way too. May you take the time to read it and find that place within you that vibrates in the frequency of love…your most natural state.

Love will immediately enter into any mind that truly wants it.
(p. 55) – A Course in Miracles

Sending you love and joy!

The Frequency of Love

I wrote the post below back in May 2014. This past Monday morning a beautiful message came to me from a family sharing their gratitude that their eight year old daughter had found this and my website by searching love for her school project. It was one of the best messages I have ever received (you can read it in the comments). It touched my heart and it reminded me of this wonderful Truth about Love. I have been blessed by it all week. It is a miraculous feeling to remember that I wrote this and to be so very grateful to have been sent these words I needed to hear right now so much. My daughter is sitting here with me today as we share this message together. It’s lovely to share the re-posting of this message with her…it is blessing us both in amazing ways and we hope it will bless you too. Today and every today. Sending love and joy and wishing you a clear frequency of love with no fuzzy noise whatsoever. -Stacy and Grace

Live What You Know

Love will immediately enter into any mind that truly wants it.
(p. 55) —A Course In Miracles

We pick our vibrational frequency.  We decide what we see when we look, what we feel as we experience and what we hear as Life is speaking to us.  We choose our vibration we send out into the world and we pick what vibrational frequency we will receive back.  The only true frequency is the vibrational frequency of Love.  All the rest is noise and reactionary fear-based emotions.  It’s like the fuzzy sound on an old radio as you try to tune into your desired channel.  Love is the desired channel.  All the rest is fuzzy noise, it’s not real.  It’s nothing.  Nothing happened.  Once we can break free from reactions and fear, we can raise our energy vibration and watch it go out before us to transform all that is around us.  We are…

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