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Love IS – that’s All!

Love IS – that’s ALL! Once we truly understand who we are (or at least find ourselves on that path), the reactionary loop of constantly agreeing or disagreeing with every single thing – just kind of floats away – it is quite lovely and it makes room (layer by layer) for absolute unconditional LOVE – which is All – that truly matters!

Listening deeply to one another is such a gift! Holding space for the other to be heard/seen/understood without the snap reaction and/or judgment is such a gift. It has the power to change everything in miraculous ways! This doesn’t mean we don’t have our own opinions and/or beliefs on things – quite the contrary. We just don’t live from a place where our Knowing depends on how others feel about it or where what others choose to believe and focus on has such an effect on us.

At a higher level, we listen better with the open mind and heart that knows it knows nothing and is functioning from Being rather than thinking. We can hear with more than our ears and include our hearts and entire Beings – true generous listening. We may remember more than we can imagine as we open to truly experiencing everything in our path rather than simply reacting to each and every little thing.

If we’re triggered into a reaction from something we see/hear someone trying to communicate – well, that just leaves plenty of room for inner work and can be considered a great and wonderful gift indeed – like a well-drawn map to the perfect target for our growth and expansion!

Sent with so much Love!

Master Listening — Master Living

How Do I Listen?

Do I
Listen to others?
As if everyone were my Master
Speaking to me


Perhaps the best practice today would simply be to listen with the fullest possible intensity and attention to everyone and everything around me.  Maybe this simple act would ground me so deeply in the amazing flow of life and the perfection the universe has picked out for me that I wouldn’t hear any mind chatter and I could stay perfectly in the actual moment that I have been invited to dwell in.  Maybe by really hearing what is being said and what isn’t being said in the silence in between and the stillness that surrounds me, I would feel only joy and spread pure joy to others.  Maybe when you master listening, you master Living!

I can’t imagine being able to answer the question above the way Hafiz did.  Amazing!  I can imagine how it feels to have a conversation like this or even one moment where you really touched the essence of life and heard what the universe is saying.  I have experienced this kind of listening and it is absolutely breathtaking.  Knowing this and experiencing this divine feeling, I still fall back regularly into the rush and let day-to-day life keep me from living with this level of attention.  I think that once we know how important truly listening to life is, living in any other way is exhausting for our spirit and soul.  I have a hunch that a deeper practice of listening to life with my fullest attention is just what my soul needs most.  The joy of really hearing someone and really seeing them fresh in the moment feels so good to us and to them, it heightens the energy level of everything and allows us to be much more of ourselves.  Truly hearing and experiencing the sounds around us with wonder can only bring more peace.  Listening to the stillness behind everything is nurturing for our soul.  I am ready to nurture my soul and replenish through listening to the best of my ability.

I think we’re all starved for fuller attention from others and for opportunities to give our fullest attention to others.  I believe truly listening is the most amazing gift we can give or receive.  We can help someone hear what their soul really wants to say, just by purely listening.  I would like to practice living in a way that honors all that listening really is.  I don’t want to show up with my veil of perceptions, distractions and reactions, I want to be there fully and listen with my whole heart.  I believe if done well, listening can change the way we see and experience the world.

Once you start the journey of quieting the mind and opening the heart, it’s a shame to give the silence away and fill it up with your own words and your own distractions and reactions so easily!  Surrendering our attention so readily to so many things without placing it purely on what is right in front of us now is like numbing ourselves to life where we can no longer truly experience anything.  It is surrendering the beauty and joy that life has to offer.  Our attention is sacred and must be cared for and treated with reverence.  I don’t need to hear more of my little thoughts or my voice reacting to things, I want to listen to what life really has to say and truly live from there.

Simply put – listening really really well to all of life could save us all a lot of trouble and bring us all a lot of joy.

God help me listen, speak, breathe and be from stillness today and always!

I wish you a day filled with generous listening — others to you and you to Everything!  I also wish you love, smiles, laughter and fun!

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